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It's all about the Bride........



Each Wedding Package includes at least one, One-to-One consultation, to find out what you want from your wedding photographs.  It is a very special day.  So we want to understand what you want from a photographic perspective for your Big Day.  This is also an opportunity for us to meet up and, hopefully, to build a relationship.  

For each package, within a short time, typically a few days, we will send you a small selection of social-media friendly shots for you to share on Facebook / twitter etc.

It typically will take several days of editing to produce the full JPEG online album but, other commitments allowing, you should get the full set of edited JPEGs within 3 to 4 weeks.

We also give you a data stick with all the edited JPEGs and place the edited JPEGs in a password protected online album on our website - and you can pass the link to this album and the password to whoever you wish so they can view the photos.

You obviously get to vet the album before anyone else sees it as you get the password and you control its further distribution.

You - and anyone with the password to the album - can order prints, albums and other products from our website.

Each Package covers all travel within Cambridgeshire or travel up to 50 miles distance.  

Any additional travel may have to be included as a cost. 

BRONZE PACKAGE - £695 - The Bronze Package uses one photographer who will cover the Ceremony, the formal photos after the Ceremony and a session with just the Bride & Groom.

SILVER PACKAGE - £895 - The Silver Package uses one photographer who will cover the Ceremony, the formal photos after the Ceremony, a session with just the Bride & Groom and the Wedding Breakfast up to cutting the cake.

GOLD PACKAGE - £1095 - The Gold Package uses one photographer who will cover Bride Prep, the Ceremony, formal photos after the Ceremony, a session with just the Bride & Groom and then the Wedding Breakfast up to the first dance.

PLATINUM PACKAGE - £1295 - As for the Gold Package but enhanced by having two photographers instead of just one.  The 2nd photographer will cover Groom Prep and act as a 2nd shooter for the rest of the day.

This typically allows us to cover subtle aspects, such as for a Church Wedding, the 2nd Shooter covering the Bride plus Bridesmaids entering the Church - whilst I cover their entrance from inside the Church.  Plus the reverse at the end of the Ceremony.  

The 2nd shooter also gets some lovely side shots as I do the formal group shots & during the separate Bride & Groom session.  And at the reception we can do a much more comprehensive job with 2 photographers rather than just one.

I would always recommend the Platinum Package as it leads to far more edited JPEGs for the client.

DIAMOND RING PACKAGE - £150 - We also offer a separate Engagement Shoot - typically somewhere which is special to the Bride.  This produces a number of images which you can distribute online and order in print form from the online album.  It also gives me a chance to work with you in an informal setting and get to know each of you.


Discounts are available for Military, Emergency Services & NHS personnel. 

And Finally

Thank you for taking the time to look at our services.  We look forward to hearing from you soon - just email us at markbuntingphotography@gmail.com