Mark Bunting Photography | Getting Serious - #4 - A Picture a Day keeps the Doctor Away

Getting Serious - #4 - A Picture a Day keeps the Doctor Away

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Barley?  Or Wheat? - Cambridgeshire

(Nikon D7000 / 50 mm f1.8 - 1/800th / f2.8 / ISO 160)



Getting Serious - #4 - A Picture a Day keeps the Doctor Away


One of the characteristics of a 'Getting Serious' photographer rather than a 'Getting Started' one is not just how much they understand about their craft, but how often they practise their craft.  That is how often they take pictures.


A 'Getting Serious' one will pretty much always be on the look-out for a good picture.


Now, here, life gets in the way.  School, work, looking after the kids, all that stuff takes up much of most people's time.  So you may need to work hard to find the time to take photographs.


It might be on your commute to work you walk through a city or a park and that's a good place to take some snaps.


Or some of your friends need someone to take some publicity shots for some charity event.


But it works best if you can carry a camera all the time - and that includes your phone - and you keep an eye out for pictures.


Of course, there will be times when you can really get the photographic bit between your teeth - a walk in the country, a walk by the sea, a day out in the city, a trip to a museum or art gallery.  Grab any opportunity to hone your photographic skills.


Because we typically learn by doing.  The more photos we take the better we get.


But 'getting' better in photography does benefit from knowing some basic guidelines - both about the artistic side and the technical side - but to start with:


1 - take the picture.


2 - look at it on the screen.


3 - think about how you would improve it.


4 - then take the improved shot.


You can be your own best critic - looking at your photos and then improving them. 





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