Mark Bunting Photography | The Story Behind the Picture #1 - Keep Your Eye on the Game!

The Story Behind the Picture #1 - Keep Your Eye on the Game!

July 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

(Photo - Oxford v Cambridge Ultimate Frisbee Varsity Match

Sunday 28th Feb 2016 

 Nikon D750 / 24 to 70 mm f2.8 @ 70 mm

1/500th Sec / f4 / ISO 100)


The Story Behind the Picture #1

Sometimes you just need to shoot from the Hip!

(Or, always, always, always keep your eye on the game!)


I wasn't even looking through the viewfinder when I took this shot.  It was getting to the end of a day of sports shooting - it was the Ultimate Frisbee Varsity Match between Oxford & Cambridge Universities.  Even though it was February in Middle England it had been dry & sunny - but my bones were starting to get cold as the temperature dropped.

I was starting to think more about getting into my car and putting the heater on than the Match.  Play had stopped for a moment or 2 and the disc was right at the other end of the pitch.  So I took a few seconds to review the last few shots, in particular to check the histogram for any clipping at either the under-exposed or the over-exposed end.

As my gaze was fixed on the rear screen I heard the steady 'thump thump' of players heading towards me - at some speed!  I knew the lens was set at the 70 mm end and, without even looking up, I swung the camera so it was horizontal and fired off a few shots on the 6 frames per second setting.  By the time I had moved my gaze from the back of the camera to the pitch I saw these 2 players - very close - and I hurriedly moved back!

I didn't expect any of the shots to be any use, but one, this one, worked.  The 6 frames per second setting gave me several bites at getting a good shot.  And thankfully the autofocus locked onto the players.

So, I got lucky!

But it would have been much better to have been watching the Match all the time!

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