Mark Bunting Photography | Getting Serious - #5 - Do a Background Check!

Getting Serious - #5 - Do a Background Check!

June 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

(Tech details - Nikon D750 & 300mm f4 - 1/500th / f4 / ISO 4000)



Getting Serious - #5 - Do a Background Check!


It took me a look time to realise that the background in a portrait photograph can make it or break it.


We have all done the 'lamp post out of the head' mistake.  But before we take the portrait / family group we should look at the background.


Is it very busy?


Will it detract from the subjects?


Can I do something about it?


It may be there is not much you can do about it but more often than you think you can choose the background.


If the subjects want their portrait taken, look for say a wall or a hedge which they can stand in front of. (Note the wall or hedge needs to be taller & wider then the subjects - it needs to fill all the frame behind the subjects.)


A nice, uniform, background makes a good backdrop.  It helps the viewer's eye concentrate on the subject - the people.


You can see this technique being used in lots of magazines, newspapers and online.  Once you look for examples of it, you will see them everywhere.


Using such a backdrop for your portrait shots will make a marvellous difference - so next time, give it a go.


And anytime you are planning to do a portrait shot, do a background check first. 


And the lady in the photo?


My wife.  Obviously less than entralled by my company that day!


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