Mark Bunting Photography | Getting Started - #1 - Your Smart Phone is probably all the camera you need.

Getting Started - #1 - Your Smart Phone is probably all the camera you need.

April 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The Vertical Gallery, Linen Hall Library, Belfast 

(Smartphone - Samsung Galaxy S5 neo - 1/33rd Second / f1.9 / ISO 80 / Lens equivalent to 31 mm full-frame.)



Getting Started - #1 - Your Smart Phone is probably all the camera you need.


So you want to 'get into' photography.  You like taking pictures.  It's fun.  But you are confused by the apparently millions of different cameras on the market and you would like some advice as to which one is right for you.


You will already have looked at lots of different websites for advice - and you are still looking.


Well, here is some stunning - and very sad - news - a 'better', more expensive camera will not improve your pictures.


Yes.  I know.  It is a painful thing to hear.  But it's true.  Sadly I can not walk into a camera shop, buy the world's most expensive camera and become an ace photographer.  I only wish I could.


Now, let's qualify this a bit - here I am talking about normal people - the people who take photos at Christmas, on holiday, of special family events, of their friends / dog / cat / whatever and maybe the odd sun-set or two.  Which is what most normal folk take most of the time.


And most normal people do not print their pictures - they post them on social media & keep them on their phone.


So for photography such as this, you probably already have all the camera you need (as opposed to the camera you want - but I will cover 'Gear Envy' in a later post) and it's your smart phone. Yep.  Most smart phones are perfectly capable of taking good to very good photographs, most of the time.


So, if most of us already have the camera - that is our smart phone - that is already capable of taking pretty good pictures then the question we need to ask is - How do I take better pictures? Which is a very different question from Which camera will help me take better pictures?


So what improves your picture taking is improving your technique - and first and foremost it starts with being able to 'see' the picture with your eyes, before you take it with your camera.  





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