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So what's this Blog all about then?

April 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

St Paul's Cathedral from the Tate Modern, London

(Tech Stuff - Canon PowerShot S120 - Lens at 41 mm (in 35 mm full frame equivalent) / 1/200th / f3.2 / ISO 80)


Well, if you are looking for a Blog on politics, entertainment, sport or shopping - you've come to the wrong place.

If you are taking your first few steps into the world of photography. Or if you have been taking photographs for a while but feel you are ready to move off the 'auto' setting. This might be the place.

I hope that this Blog will provide those new - & not so new - to photography some pointers - it will pass on what I wish I had realised very early on in my journey with photography. Plus it will sometimes cover topics which may be of use to those more experienced in photography.

The 'Getting Started' series is just that. For those who are just starting out and want to know more on how to get the best out of taking pictures on their smartphone or their camera.

The 'Getting Serious' series builds on the 'Getting Started' posts and goes further into techniques & technical detail. I have tried to make each post self-contained so if you read something which you have already read in an earlier post, please just skip over it.

But, just to contradict myself, if you are reading the 'Getting Serious' posts, I assume you have already read or already know, the information given in the 'Getting Started' posts.

Please note that I will not always be right.

Also note that I might change my opinion.

But I will, at least, hopefully be some help along the way as you learn about photography.

And the first lesson is that photography is not really about the gear you have - it is about how you use your eyes to see the world around you. Once your eyes have seen the shot - then the camera is simply the tool you use to capture the scene you see with your eyes.



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